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The Ferenc Puskás Football Academy is the best-equipped youth football centre in Hungary and was founded by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in 2007. Currently more than one-hundred college residents from the academy teams have at their disposal five full-size grass pitches and two FIFA-approved artificial pitches. The natural grass playing areas have their own irrigation system and every pitch has floodlights too. The system of practice areas in the vicinity of the main pitches is where the youngsters can go without their coaches or teammates to practise their shots, headers, tricks and generally touch the ball more often than they may in standard training sessions. The reconstruction of the centre pitch began after the 2012 Puskás-Suzuki Cup and this is now the location for the 3,800 capacity Pancho Arena, which is now ready to be the venue of this year’s final. The new stadium for youth football was built according to original plans drawn up by the world-famous architect Imre Makovecz, as was the case with the reconstruction of the mansion house building which hosts the central dormitory and another beautiful building with an organic architectural style which gives a home to the medical centre, the training hall and the management offices. In the building handed over for use in 2010 there is a kitchen, a canteen and a press department where the staff of the Hungarian edition of FourFourTwo magazine work. The academy also operates the Ferenc Puskás Sport Hotel in Alcsútdoboz and the Lajos Letenyey Vocational and Technical schools in Felcsút.


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Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia U16 (leány) - FC Hatvan  7-0
Puskás Akadémia FC (Női NB II) - ZTE FC  6-0
Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia U19 - Illés Akadémia-Haladás  2-4
Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia U17 - MTK Budapest  5-1
Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia U16 - MTK Budapest  2-3
Puskás Ferenc Labdarúgó Akadémia U19 (leány) - Veszprémi FC USE  7-1
Felcsút SE U13 - Paksi FC  1-1