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Dear Fans,

There are things of which twelve is more than enough. Football enthusiasts are aware though that you can never win enough trophies and matches.

As the founder of Puskás Academy I am delighted to be hosting the U17 teams of leading footballing nations for the twelfth time. In just over a decade the former protagonists of the tournament have become members of their senior squads and have even earned caps for their countries. But what we are the proudest of is that Puskás Suzuki Cup carries on the legacy of Ferenc Puskás who firmly believed it is not enough to teach children how to play football but it is equally important that they are taught to support their teammates and respect their opponents as well. Therefore it has always been our aim that in addition to scoring goals, winning matches and gaining experience they also make friends.

I hereby wish the youngsters and their coaching teams a successful tournament and thrilling matches for the fans.

Orbán Viktor




Dear Football Enthusiasts,

It was eleven years ago, in June 2008 that the first Puskás Suzuki Cup kicked off. Apart from Puskás Academy we had Honvéd, Real Madrid and Panathinaikos; the clubs where Ferenc Puskás, the best Hungarian footballer of all time, had his greatest achievements in his playing and coaching career. Ranked high from the very beginning, the number of participants has doubled and the tournament has continuously grown in fame and prestige over the years. At the moment there is practically no such corner in Europe where it is unknown and it has ‘conquered’ Brazil, one of the strongholds of world football – its most popular club, Flamengo will visit the tournament again. In addition to the South American giants and the regular participants we will have Bayern Munich for the third time in a row; Hagi Academy, founded by Romania’s all-time best player, are returning and our Croatian partners NK Osijek will show up for the first time.

The field is extremely strong again, so we can claim: although it is the twelfth Puskás Suzuki Cup, it will definitely not be one of a dozen.

I hereby wish all participants, organisers and fans a great competition and a lot of excitement.

Mészáros Lőrinc

Chairman, Board of Trustees




Magyar Suzuki, within the framework of cooperation with Puskás Academy, is committed to supporting the training of the next generation of the worlds’ most popular sport for over a decade now. The question may righteously occur, why the future of football is so close to our heart?

In fact, there are more parallels than we would think. A company works like football in so many ways: we are constantly pursuing goals that offer us proper challenges. Being a market leader – winning the cup; manufacturing products that meet the needs of consumers – impressing the audience with a beautiful play; product development and innovation – training every day. Everyone has a role in achieving success, everyone is best at something and thus we develop our team strategy in a way that we can bring out the best of the strengths. Who gets into what position – goalkeeper, defender, striker, coach – matters in football as well. Success ultimately depends on how much we can count on each other on the field and at work, how smart and fast we react to unexpected situations. Whether we are able to make the right decisions in a fierce situation forging a competitive advantage either on the field, or at work, or in life or not, is only depends on us.

With Puskás Academy, we have dreamt a great dream ten years ago, and together we have achieved our goal. We are proud that today Puskás-Suzuki Cup is mentioned among the elite football tournaments of Europe due to the professional and devoted work and specialists of the Academy and the high-level organisation.

I wish a lot of success to the teams in their matches and a pleasant time for the fans on behalf of Magyar Suzuki Corporation!

Yoshinobu Abe
Managing Director, Magyar Suzuki Corporation


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