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Dear Supporter,

Welcome again to Felcsút!

In sports, just like in life, good and bad times alternate; perhaps this is so because we have to learn to appreciate successful periods. For victory is never obvious, no cup will ever just fall into our laps. Just like players, organisers of a sporting event know that the path leading to any success is paved by hard work and perseverance.
Watching the first matches of the Puskás Suzuki Cup eleven years ago we hoped that the first tournament would be followed by others, but we did not think that in about ten years’ time not only European U17 players, but also youngsters from footballing powerhouse Brazil would enter the pitch here seeking glory.
Let me take the opportunity to wish young footballers and their coaches plenty of success and fans a lot of thrill and fun.

Yours sincerely,

Orbán Viktor

Mészáros Lőrinc

President of Puskás Academy

Dear Football Friends,

Ten wonderful, hard-working years have passed in the history of Puskás Academy and the Puskás Suzuki Cup. The tournament has grown into one of the most important youth footballing events of the European continent both in terms of numbers and quality. It is a competition that has attracted youth teams of real footballing giants to Hungary, which might be a boost for Hungarian football as a whole. Now we are preparing for the eleventh tournament and we would not be Puskás Academy if had not innovated.

At the first cup of the new decade eight teams will compete for the title. Apart from the regular participants, based on their positive experience from last year, Sporting CP and Bayern Munich have accepted our invitation again, KRC Genk returns, and as the first team from South America, Brazilian powerhouse Flamengo will feature. Now we can claim that Puskás Suzuki Cup has crossed the borders of Europe and is on its way to worldwide fame.

I wish success to us all for this year’s tournament!


Managing Director, Magyar Suzuki Corporation 

It was eleven years ago that we and Puskás Academy dared to dream big and started this magnificent competition. Our aims haven’t changed ever since, and a lot of young players have shown themselves over the years against world-class opponents. By now the cup has become one of the elite tournaments in Europe. We host teams from all over the world year by year as the Puskás Suzuki Cup is an excellent opportunity for youth development and discovering tomorrow’s world class players.

Ferenc Puskás and his immortal legacy have inspired us for eleven years. Uncle Öcsi was one of the best players of all times with achievements that only a few can claim to have in the history of football. Apart from his footballing class it is his personality and humanity that still leads by example.

If these sentiments burn in the hearts of each youngster, we will see fantastic matches from the very first whistle. The games continue with the eleventh tournament; it will open a new chapter which will be written by footballers. On behalf Magyar Suzuki Corporation. I wish the teams successful and educational games and the fans great fun.


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